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Welcome to the first of many!

I have been desperate on how to reach out and keep up on the amount of information I have on this cat colony I care give for... 200 beautiful, stocky, wild as hell cats.

See our initial video introducing the kitty kitties —> 😻

Okay, so you can see how cute they are right?! Today marks the 3 month anniversary of finding the Shasta Lake Cat Colony by accident and my new path of caring for a 200+ feral/stray cat colony. I have been doing this amongst the brave few groundstompers of Shasta County I have met thus far... a true inspiration for me!

Although we have so much to be grateful for, my heart is honestly really heavy today.

We have really begun TNR efforts after searching for a vet to help support this movement. I cannot help but be amazed that it is so hard to find someone who views ferals as equals. I reached out to all vets in our small community with few responses and no financial ease. I came to befriend a local TNR guru who thankfully shared her knowledge and I was able to begin neutering/spaying the kittys through a HERO OF A VET <3 <3 Doc Sarg.

So... What’s TNR?

Trap. Neuter. Release.

It’s really that simple to population control. Take away the breeding capability (just ONE cat can have up 3 liters a year at four a piece.. and I’ve got 200) and eventually the colony will perish over time and the “problem” of a cat colony goes away.

Is it really a problem?

The cats are living in a DISNEYLAND. Cats are amazing creatures we have tamed over years... “domesticated.” When you take a domesticated species and introduce it to the wild like this, they survive... but it’s not their fairy tale life. Over time, cats have been humanized... meaning their whole body structure has changed and they are not fit for the wild anymore. In this area specifically, we have a mountain lion who feasts on baby kittens. Its utterly a sad fairytale. We have had several pass from disease and failure to thrive as they live amongst dirty mud and feces. The cats are not doing well out there.

So today... why am I so sad.

We have trapped 13 over the last two days. It’s been incredible and uplifting. Did you know nearly all the females were already expecting? Not far along, like at all... but this was the first week we have seen this. This means they are starting to multiple already again and I am terrified for the long summer ahead. The kittens we rescued from the colony when we first arrived... most are not adoptable. They have been raised in such rough conditions and it really prohibited them from being developed. A month ago, we rushed one to the vet, to see him pass away due to failure to thrive. It was sudden.. and my heart seriously hurts from that one event. We could have had 20 of these kittens in just a few weeks... from the ones who would not be eaten. The remaining kittens we rescued, I think it’s 11 now... live in a safe place but are not adoptable because we cannot tame them.... and dammit if we have tried so hard.

I couldn’t imagine having 20 more kittens at this moment. With the 11... and new litters already arriving... it’s a living nightmare.

I mean I haven’t even told you guys about the guns... the drugs... the cameras... all for the stray cats living lakeside at Shasta Lake.

Welcome to the crazy ride of ”Shasta County Cat Colonies” where we care for ferals and strays just as we love our inside pets <3

Rest in Peace, Hidalgo <3

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